What I’ve learned from the first year of Dreaming Spirit Press (and why I’m changing the submission guidelines)

First, a quick apology for the unexpectedly long hiatus over Christmas and New Year.  A number of projects, including Whispers and Echoes Issue 3 and Frankenstein’s Legacy, will be open to submissions as soon as the guidelines have been written / updated.

A long title, I know, but it captures the essence of this post perfectly!

So, with the release of Winter Wishes on Wattpad at the beginning of December, Dreaming Spirit Press turned one year old!  Woohoo!  That’s great.  I’ve learned a lot over the year, some of which has made me reconsider how we do things round here.

The main problem I’ve faced is time.  Having enough of it, to be precise.  Due to a lack of it, I had to postpone one of the anthologies I was hoping to bring out last year (Ghosts and Ghastly Things).  Again, due to a shortage of time, I was limited in the number of projects I could concentrate on.  I have ideas for loads more – dozens and dozens of them! – and so I found this quite frustrating.

So, what’s changing for year 2?  A couple of things:

  1. I will no longer be offering a PDF copy of the issues of Whispers and Echoes or the anthologies to contributors.  (Nor will they be made available for reviewers).  Many online publications I’ve looked at simply offer publication of poems and stories on their site / in their journals, alongside a biography.  This was a really hard decision to come to, but as I’ve already explained time is a limited resource and I think it could be better spent elsewhere.
  2. I want to reduce the waiting time for writers to hear whether their submission(s) have been accepted.  In year one, I waited until the deadline had passed to contact writers; in some instances they were waiting four or five months for a response.  As a writer myself, I know that isn’t good enough.   So for year two, I plan on reducing that wait to (hopefully) no more than four weeks.
  3. I also would like to cut down the submission guidelines – they look quite long and intimidating at first glance.
  4. Another avenue I want to try is having an “open anthology”, where the anthology is open for an extended period of time and added to as and when submissions are accepted, instead of releasing all the content at once.  (I have the perfect theme for this project and am writing the submissions guidelines for it as we speak!  I am quite excited about it too.  Keep checking our open submissions for news…)
  5. Another project I have planned is Toadstool – an online journal of fantasy writing.  Here fantasy stories and poems will be posted once or twice a week (depending on volume), with each piece of writing being posted separately.  The good thing about this is that contributors will have a direct link to the post that contains their work and biography, and they won’t have to share that space with anyone else’s writing.

Those are the changes that are coming in.  What else can you expect from Dreaming Spirit Press in 2018?

  1. 2 or 3 issues of Whispers and Echoes
  2. 2 seasonal anthologies – Summer 2018 and Winter 2018
  3. The next 1 or 2 anthologies in the “Love Letters” series.  The second book in the series will be dedicated to Selene / the Moon.  The third anthology’s theme has yet to be decided.
  4. Ghosts and Ghastly Things will also be open for submissions after having to postpone it for 2017.

So, there’s a lot going on and lots planned.  If there’s time, another stand alone anthology might also find itself open to submissions in 2018, but it will all depend on the amount of time I have available to dedicate to it.

Wishing you all the best for 2018!  Happy writing!


Winter Wishes

Winter Wishes is a multi-author seasonal anthology, containing prose and poetry inspired by winter.  And, it is now available to read.

So if you have a moment, please support the talented authors who sent their amazing work this way, by reading, voting and commenting.

To learn more about this anthology, please visit the Winter Wishes anthology page. You can read the anthology for FREE via Wattpad, by clicking the cover above.

Winter Wishes anthology newsletter

Winter Wishes ~ Winter Anthology 2017 ~ Newsletter

For Writers, Readers and Reviewers


[last updated: 28 / 11 / 2017 ]

Submissions are now closed for the Winter 2017 anthology, Winter Wishes.  Thanks to everyone who submitted.  This newsletter will hopefully answer any questions you might have.

When will I hear back about my submission(s)?

Within the next few days (no later than Monday 4th December 2017).  I will soon begin going through the submissions we received for the anthology, collating them as I go.  Once I’ve put the anthology together, I will email all those who submitted.  Those whose work has been included will be sent their PDF contributors copy at the same time.

Where will I be able to find the anthology when it’s released?

On Wattpad.  The link for the anthology is: https://www.wattpad.com/story/130171635-winter-wishes-a-multi-author-anthology-of-poetry

When is the anthology going to be released?

On Friday 8th December 2017

I’m a reviewer.  How can I get a copy of the anthology?

You can either head over to Wattpad and read the anthology there (the link can be found above) or you can send a email requesting a PDF copy of the anthology in return for providing us with a review of it once you have read it.  To learn more, please visit For Reviewers.

Any questions I haven’t covered?  Please feel free to post them in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you for your patience, and your support!

Winter Wishes – deadline extension

The submissions window for the seasonal anthology, Winter Wishes has been extended.

The deadline for submissions is now 27 November 2017, so there is still plenty of time to get your wintry poems and short stories in.

We accept previously unpublished work alongside that which has already been published on personal blogs, websites and social media, so if you have any poems, pieces of flash fiction or short stories that fit our theme, feel free to submit them.

For the full submissions guidelines, click here.

Last Week to Submit to Winter Wishes…

It’s the last week to submit to our second winter anthology, Winter Wishes. But there is still time to get those submissions in.

What are we looking for?  Poetry and prose inspired by winter and the magic of the season; how you interpret this theme is up to you.  Any genre will be considered, as will pieces that have already been published on blogs, personal websites and social media. You can submit up to three of the following: microfiction (up to 100 words in length), flash fiction (up to 500 words in length), or poems up to 30 lines in length, or a single short story, up to 2500 words long.

There are so many ways you can run with this theme.  A story about winter on another planet.  A tale telling of rites and rituals performed in the winter of a fictional world, or perhaps in the past.  Poems that explore the thoughts, feelings or memories of the season or how the season can be construed as magical.  Why might wishes be made at this time of year? A story or poem inspired by Christmas or the Winter Solstice.  What about a winter romance?  Or a horror story that uses the darker side to the season?  A robot’s winter of discontent.  An enchanting tale about the season of death…

Fairytale, folklore, historical, mythological, alternate history, magical realism, fantastical or futuristic, romantic or scary, thriller or mystery, inspired by the paranormal or by nature itself…as long as it fits our theme, we want to read it.

If you want to learn more about this anthology, check out the submission guidelines.  Don’t forget, submissions close 17th November 2017.