Whispers and Echoes Issue 2

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Welcome to Issue 2 of Whispers and Echoes, a journal of small things, of short writing.

Though the pieces are brief – the poems are no longer than ten lines in length and the stories told in under one hundred words – they are enchanting, inspiring and cover a range of subjects.

Their power is in their brevity…

Just like a whisper in the dark…

Just like an echo in a tunnel…

To learn more about the amazing writers whose and poems and flash fiction can be found below, visit our Meet the Writers page.

* Copyright remains with the author the piece is accredited to *

The People I Knew | McKenzie Richardson

The people I knew
Are dying./ I’m trying
To pull through.

I’m holding on-
I’m letting go-

Fixing my grip-
Now here we go.

The people I knew
Are dying./ I’m lying
When I say: I’m not missing you

DenialMiriam Hurdle

Life is a journey of progression
When going forward in the right direction
Smooth sail is not a guarantee
For a life of conflict free
When we hide our face in the sand
Denial is a detour or motionless stand
Natural force may drag us to regression
Slide backward with no discussion
To fight the battle, we must first lose
Defeat the pride, but win the honest life

The ToadstoolSammi Cox

I marvelled at the brightly coloured fungus growing on the forest’s floor. It didn’t look real. A bright red cap with white dots over it. I knew it was poisonous so kept well away.

It stood so proudly from out of the leaf litter. The brown, rust and red of fallen leaves made it appear bigger and brighter, regardless of its small size.

I couldn’t help but feel like I’d stumbled into a picture from an old book of fairy tales. And so I waited, wondering all the while whether a fairy or a gnome would appear alongside it.

SleevesMcKenzie Richardson

The man sighed, watching the fantastical scene before him. His body melted into the cushioned chair. For the first time in weeks, he allowed himself to relax.

The women on the stage spun and twirled in their matching dresses; long sleeves drifting around them, like jellyfish floating, petals falling, life in motion.

His mind cleared as he took in the beauty of the moment, feeling at ease with the world.

Those long pink sleeves hypnotized him and he slipped into a temporary haven.

For once, he felt content.

When the music stopped and the stage cleared, he clapped the loudest.

MusicMiriam Hurdle

Grateful was I as a little girl
Be exposed to music
It speaks to me
It speaks for me
When moments of
Deepest sorrow that
No words enough to comfort
Through music and lyrics
My soul is touched
My heart is comforted
The power of Music

The Changing Seasons Sammi Cox

It was but a moment
A falling star
A falling leaf
That was all it took
To change my
Summer’s heart
To autumn’s torment
And on to
The slow descent into
Winter’s death

HushMcKenzie Richardson

Hush now dear
It will be okay
That’s a lie
But that’s okay
Sometimes we just
Need to lie to ourselves
To escape the dark places
Into which the mind delves.
And search for the sunshine/ We’re all so compelled
To find at the end of the tunnel.

WinterMiriam Hurdle

“The winter has gone by in a flash. Your presence made my winter warmer. The snowball fight was hilarious; you hit my mouth when I was laughing. You taught me to play new games, and I wanted to play again and again. The stories you told me about the people down the mountain fascinated me, I wanted to hear more. You liked the hot cocoa I made and we drank it by the fireplace. You rubbed my hands and fingers to make them warm. I like winter. Why did you have to go?” – Me

Love-StruckSammi Cox

She was beguiling
And she knew it
Had you wrapped around her finger
Only you were too blind to see it
Thought her sweet and innocent
Became lost in her enchantment
Believed the dream she spun you
Her voice a balm to your soul
So that when you learned the truth
You would be too far gone to care

Tragedy | McKenzie Richardson

The little hands/ Pull
At our heart strings.
The pretty words/ Make
All our hearts sing.
But few of us
Really/ Notice
The little things.
And that
Is the true

Dining Alone Miriam Hurdle

“It’s good that the wait wasn’t too long.”

“Yeah, we got here in time to beat the crowd. The after work traffic is getting worse. Every minute counts, especially on Fridays.”

“I had a hectic week at work. Thank God the weekend is here!”

“I look forward to the weekend too.”

“I like the way you set your hair, now I can see more of your beautiful face!”

“Oh, thanks, just wanted to try something different! Did you notice that gentleman there? He used to come with his wife! He is here alone. I wonder what happened to his wife!”

CheckmateSammi Cox

I had been outmanoeuvred

I was sure I had
Thought of all possible scenarios
Considered every eventuality

My options were fading fast
Soon, I would have no more moves left to make
I had lost the upper hand; my downfall was imminent

Word of EncouragementMcKenzie Richardson

Because we are at our strongest
At the peak of exhaustion.
We are most-informed
When we become aware of our ignorance.
We are the bravest
In our recognition of fear.
We may not be ready to take on the challenge
But by realizing our weaknesses and shortcomings
We are able to take a step towards achievement.
Because we are aware/ We can make a difference.

Fourteen and UnderMiriam Hurdle

“Hey, Sis, got anything?”

“No! Not yet. The water is quiet. You can hear a pin drop.”

“Don’t worry, we got all day.”

“I know. How about you? Got anything?”

“Not yet! I’m glad Dad found this lake for us to hang out. We almost have the whole lake to ourselves. No big guys come here!”

“Yeah, that’s the good thing. Big guys have all the fishing gadgets. I feel stupid with my small fishing rod next to them.”

“There is a fishing contest next month for us under fourteen years old.”

“Oh, I want to do it, will you?”

The Stone CircleSammi Cox

The stone circle was a gateway. On some level I knew this, accepted this. To part of my brain, this was a statement of fact and made perfect sense. But the rest of my brain thought I was going crazy.

My curiosity was piqued. If the stone circle was a gateway, where did it lead? There was only one way to find out. Every door had a key, and every stone circle a particular astronomical alignment.

When the time was right, I visited the monument. I sat down on the altar stone and waited for an answer…but not for long…


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  1. Thank you, Sammie! My laptop is semi broken. I can’t use it until I go home tomorrow to send it to the shop for repair. I’m with my daughter in another state, helping her to care for her newborn. I haven’t checked my email for a long time. I appreciate all that you do for punishing the Wishpers and Echoes II.


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