Summer Dreams


Summer is often seen as the season when things happen…During the winter, everything lies dormant, but wakes with the coming spring. By the time summer has arrived, the world is filled with energy and action. It is the season where wishes are granted and dreams come true…

Within this Summer Dreams anthology, you will find poetry and prose that has been inspired by the summer; by the warmth and brightness, by the long days and short nights, and everything else that goes with it…the weather, romance, summers of times past…

So why not find somewhere to relax, a quiet place out of the sun – don’t forget to bring a nice cold lemonade with you – and lose yourself in these Summer Dreams and the magic of the season…

Featuring Poetry and Prose by:

  • Kimmy Alan
  • McKenzie Richardson
  • Sarah Connor
  • Sammi Cox

Summer Dreams can be read for FREE via Wattpad: