Love Letters to Selene

The Moon means many things to many people.  To some it is a guardian to watch over them through the night.  To others it is symbolic of deity, most often in the form of a goddess such as Selene, Luna, Hecate and Arianrhod, though there have been gods also associated with it.  Thoth, the ancient Egyptian ibis-headed god was linked to the moon, as was the Mesopotamian god, Sin.  Then there’s its importance in marking the passage of time in lunar calendars, not to mention the cyclical nature of the Moon’s phases and the roll the Moon plays in astrology…

Suffice to say, the Moon is a great inspiration.  Within this anthology you will find a varied collection of beautiful poems which have all been inspired by the Moon.  

So whatever the Moon means to you, we hope you enjoy these poems…

Featuring poems by:

  • McKenzie Richardson
  • Kimmy Alan
  • Sarah Connor
  • Sammi Cox

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