Winter Wishes



Winter is seen as a time of magic; a time when wishes are granted and dreams come true. The days are short and the long dark nights provide us with the opportunity for reflection and to think about what we want and where we are going. And yet, sometimes all we want is the time to pause and rest, like the earth.

Finding the time for a story or poem is always welcome. Within these pages you will find writing that is inspired by winter. Here we have snow, the cold, frost and ice; we have tales of mystery in a variety of settings and poems that capture the essence of the season. Here we have wintry enchantment.

So take a few moments for yourself and indulge in a little seasonal reading. Find somewhere comfy to sit, grab a hot drink – and may be a mince pie – and enjoy these words of winter…

Featuring poetry and prose by:

  • McKenzie Richardson
  • Ezekiel O Tracy
  • Emily Weatherburn
  • Sammi Cox

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