Winter Magic


Winter is unquestionably magical, and winter magic is about a great many things…spells and rituals, fairy tales and folklore, romance, natural spaces and how they are effected by the season, short days and dark nights…The scope it provides for the imagination is both vast and wide, and to celebrate it we have gathered here a variety of pieces together for your enjoyment.

Within these pages you will find poetry and prose all of which has been inspired by winter and its magic. From stories set in a fantasy world to rich poetry, both long and short, from historical tales to verses both rhyming and not…It is the time of year where anything can happen, where magic is very real and can be found almost anywhere…

So close the curtains to keep out the winter darkness, settle down in your favourite armchair, snuggle beneath a blanket with a hot cup of tea in hand – or should that be mulled wine? – and enjoy the magic of the season…

Featuring poetry and prose by:

  • Kimmy Alan
  • Samantha Beardon
  • Lynn Love
  • Joy Pixley
  • Frank Regan
  • Sammi Cox

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