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[last updated 08 / 06 / 2018 ]

Submissions are now closed for the anthology of moon-inspired letters and poems, Love Letters to Selene.  Thanks to everyone who submitted.  This newsletter will hopefully answer any questions you might have.

When will I hear back about my submission(s)?

Within the next week or so (no later than Friday 8th June 2018).  I will start working through the poems and letters we received for the anthology on Monday, and will collate the anthology as I go.  Once I’ve put the anthology together, I will email all those who submitted.

Where will I be able to find the anthology when it’s released?

On Wattpad.  The link for the anthology is:

When is the anthology going to be released?

Over the third weekend in June.  For this anthology, the poems and letters are going to be published gradually over 3 days: Friday 15th June, Saturday 16th June and Sunday 17th June.  Once the anthology has been finalised, I will add a posting schedule below, so you will know exactly when your piece(s) are available to read.

Posting Schedule

Friday 15th June 2018

  • Lunacy by McKenzie Richardson
  • Hear the Corn Grow by Kimmy Alan
  • How Many Names does the Moon Have? by Sarah Connor
  • Lady Strigidae by Sammi Cox
  • Eclipse by McKenzie Richardson
  • Strawberry Moon by Kimmy Alan

Saturday 16th June 2018

  • The Moon (in Astrology) by Sammi Cox
  • The Man in The Moon by McKenzie Richardson
  • Three Moons by Sarah Connor
  • Pink Moon by Kimmy Alan
  • Luna’s Night Watch by Sammi Cox
  • The Moon Spirit by McKenzie Richardson

Sunday 17th June 2018

  • Blood Moon Halloween by Kimmy Alan
  • 28 Stories about the Moon by Sarah Connor
  • The Moon (in The Tarot) by Sammi Cox
  • A Lullaby in the Dark by McKenzie Richardson
  • Moon Haiku by Kimmy Alan
  • Moon Spell by Sammi Cox

What’s next in the “Love Letters” series?

The next title in this series is to be, “Love Letters to Hestia”, an anthology of poetry and letters inspired by the hearth and home.  Details will be available shortly, under the “Future Projects” section of the “Submissions” tab.  The guidelines will be the same as those set out for Love Letters to Selene.  At a guess, submissions will open late 2018 / early 2019, but this could change.

Any questions I haven’t covered?  Please feel free to post them in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you for your patience, and your support!


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