Love Letters to Gaia – submissions now open

We are currently open to submissions for our first anthology in the Love Letters series, Love Letters to Gaia.

For this anthology we are looking for poems and letters dedicated to and honouring the earth.

Here’s what we’re looking for in brief:

  • The scope for this collection is wide: nature, the environment, earth spirituality, paganism, folklore, natural spaces, deities…for a more detailed list of ideas and themes, see the section “Let’s Talk Theme” on the submission guidelines page.
  • You can submit:
    • up to 5 poems (max 50 lines each), or
    • up to 5 letters (max 1500 words each), or
    • a mix of up to 5 poems and letters
  • When the anthology is released it will be posted on Wattpad
  • There is NO monetary payment for accepted submissions, however, a PDF copy of the anthology will be made available for contributors.
  • Don’t forget we do accept stories and poems that have been posted on blogs and websites.

To learn more about this anthology, please check out the submission guidelines.  The provisional deadline for submissions is 5 August 2017, though this might be extended.

We can’t wait to read your earth-inspired poems and letters!


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