Whispers and Echoes – creative writing prompts…

The deadline for Issue 2 of Whispers and Echoes is still some distance away so there is still plenty of time to get your submissions written and sent in.  If you are in need of a little inspiration, here is a selection of writing prompts to get those creative juices flowing before the submission window closes.

Below you will find ten prompts, five word prompts and five photo prompts.  Let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with.

And, if your story / stories are 100 words or less, or your poem(s) 10 lines or under, please consider submitting it / them to Issue 2.  You can read the full submission guidelines here.

I can’t wait to read what you’ve been inspired to write!

To see past word and picture prompts and inspiration ideas, check out the inspiration link at the top of the page.

•  •  ♦  •  •

Word Prompts



hopes, dreams, wishes, space, night sky


The Sea

adrift, floating, safe harbour, storm, mermaids, waves, ships



knitting, sheep, story-telling, wool, lies



four leaf clover, treasure, good luck, destiny, fortune-telling



secrets, journal, records, planning

•  •  ♦  •  •

Picture Prompts





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